How can a conical filter with a hole at the bottom to make good coffee? This is what most wonder when they see for the first wear Hario V-60.

There are many such devices that have one, two, three holes in the bottom. The fewer holes, the greater the impregnation coffee and water. More injection means more extraction of soluble solids

(TDS Total dissolved solids)

The V-60 of Hario can result in excellent brewing, if we use the right technique. It’s all about grinding, which results in fast or slow flow, the grams and then how to pour the water. The aim is to obtain the desired solids dissolve, which in the figure is 18% – 22%, of the total weight of coffee.

The water course is very important in itself, and should have the appropriate temperature. We must therefore use a kettle which maintain our stable degrees Celsius we have chosen for this coffee. Wet the filter for 30 seconds to leave the paper resins, and then begins a slow stream, ideally in a circular pattern, without pour on the filter paper.