COSTA RICA (Central America)

Costa Rica is a Central American country with an area 51.100t.chlm and population 4,832,234 inhabitants. It borders with Nicaragua and southeast by Panama, east bordering the Caribbean and south and west by the Pacific Ocean. Capital of the country is the city of San Jose. Costa Rica away is one of the Central American countries that produce coffee.

Whether talking about coffee is processed by various methods (Washed, honey, natural). Costa Rica dominates the production due to the flawless processing procedures. The coffee has a particular reputation precisely because of attention and passion in his cultivation. It is characterized by perfect balance and flavor characteristics is sweet with hints of flowers and fruits …

The first coffee seeds arrived in America in 1720 and at the end of the 18th century the first Typica seeds planted in Costa Rica. At the time, agriculture in the country was focused on domestic production. In 1808, the governor Tomas de Acosta began promoting the cultivation of coffee. Costa Rica was the first country in Central America, introduced the coffee industry in the true sense. The priest Felix Velarde was the first producer of coffee in the country. In 1821 he achieved the country’s independence from Spain and the municipal councils have given priority to promoting the coffee culture with a policy that included the supply of small trees and the granting of land to anyone who wanted to become a coffee producer. The same year Costa Rica had 17,000 trees under production and had already made its first export to Panama. 1832 marked the first export to Europe and every year production increases. Today Costa Rica accounts for 1% of the total coffee production in the world.

Some of the major coffee growing areas are the:


This area represents 35% of the country’s total production. The altitude of 1000-1800m produce some of the most delicate profile coffee in Costa Rica. This region has experienced some of the most striking developments in coffee processing in the country. The result is the production of highly pure coffee. This region is able to produce high quality coffee.

Central Valley

H central valley consists of the provinces of San Jose, Heredia and Alajuela. The region is characterized in that it has a well-defined wet and dry seasons. The central valley is approximately 15% of the country’s total production.